Win the Internet with turnkey websites and apps for viewing your content on web, mobile and OTT. Your web publishing tools are seamlessly integrated into your video management console so streams can be scheduled, on demand playlists update automatically and you get real time viewer metrics and reporting.



Bringing your channel playout and VOD library to the web is as easy as checking a box with Cablecast Pro VOD and Cablecast Live. One click will send a file to your VOD server, transcode it and add a watch link to your dynamic web video library.

If you are streaming only and don't need a cable playout solution for your content, check out our VIO Stream complete virtual solution.


VOD chapters let viewers get right to the action. Use them to highlight sports plays, chapter meeting agenda items, and more.


Cablecast Reflect takes the strain off your local network by caching your web content in the cloud. Read more below. Also, with Reflect, you can push your content to OTT platforms like Apple TV™ and Roku using Screenweave OTT.


Your web content looks great on screens of any size with responsive video players. The Cablecast web UI is also responsive and extremely easy to use on the go.


Check your web presence off the list. Cablecast’s turnkey web video solutions seamlessly distribute your channel content online and update dynamically.


Cablecast supports closed captioning for all content distribution on cable and the web for live and on-demand content.

Social media friendly

Cablecast web publishing solutions are optimized for SEO and social sharing platforms. Also enjoy complete control of your meta-tagging and metadata display.

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Cablecast reflect:

Cablecast Reflect is a cloud-based subscription service that streams your media to a virtually unlimited number of viewers with low impact on your bandwidth. In conjunction with the new Cablecast Live and Cablecast VOD Internet servers that utilize high quality, bandwidth efficient H.264 streams, Tightrope introduces Cablecast Reflect; a cloud based service that conserves your bandwidth while delivering a virtually unlimited number of streams to your viewers. Learn more.

Included with Reflect, OTT Streaming:

Help tackle the revolving market of "Cord-cutters". With the purchase of a Reflect subscription, you get access to using Screenweave product! With Screenweave, you can stream your channels and/or VOD content to OTT applications such as Apple TV™ and Roku. Customize your presence on these platforms by adding your own logo and banner images. Learn more about screenweave.

Screenweave OTT options

Ott - basic

Basic comes included with Cablecast Reflect. With basic, your viewers download the "Cablecast Screenweave" application on Apple TV and/or Roku devices, and then choose your station in a list of stations using Screenweave. The list of stations are in order of closest to your viewer.

The OTT application itself has no on-going costs (Requires Reflect subscription).

Ott - branded

Branded is a branded application for your station. This means viewers will locate your very own specific application in the App Store. No need to go through a list of other stations when launching the application.

The branded channel is $1500 for the first year (design & development) and is $500 /yr after (Requires Reflect subscription).


Cablecast Reflect CDN
Cablecast Reflect is a content delivery service that brings super smooth HD video streaming to an unlimited number of viewers on your website and streaming apps. This subscription service harnesses the power of the cloud to take the burden of video streaming off of your local network while keeping your content in your own environment.
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Cablecast VOD Lite
VOD Lite in a 1RU Chassis, 8TB Storage with no RAID or Redundant Power.
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Cablecast Live 350
Cablecast LIVE broadcasts your station’s content live in beautiful H.264 HLS streams over the internet to your community and beyond.
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Cablecast VOD 450
VOD server in a 3RU Chassis, 10TB Storage w/ RAID with Redundant Power
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Cablecast video servers provide automation, device control, video server, encoder, and channel branding solution in one complete package. Cablecast Flex plays all the most common file formats and performs up, down and cross conversion for HD and SD files.

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Display your daily or weekly programming schedule in addition to community messages, weather forecasts, traffic cameras and social networking feeds.

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