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Cablecast VIO Lite
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Cablecast VIO Lite

Cablecast VIO Lite

Two channel video server configurable as two out or as one encode and one playout. 8TB internal storage (no RAID) and 250GB Solid State system drive.

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All VIO Video Servers include cablecast automation for the utmost in scheduling, content management and cross-platform publishing.

With this 100% remote channel workflow, simply schedule your content and watch as Cablecast controls your playback, VOD & OTT publishing, graphic announcements and schedule promotion. Then view the results with native reporting and viewer metrics.

Cablecast’s full line of multi-format video servers are capable of playing the widest assortment of digital formats and codecs and also include SD to HD up-conversion and HD to SD down-conversion. No transcoding required!

Cablecast also natively decodes, plays and records network streaming formats such as RTP, RTMP, & HLS.

All Cablecast VIO Video servers also include channel branding with crawls, station bugs and bug text as well as native reporting on playout and viewer metrics.

Cablecast will also index your meetings and allow viewers to jump to specific index points or chapters. It will even allow you to attach meetings agendas and other documents complete with hyperlinks.

Available options include an amazing bulletin board (Cablecast CG), Integrated Closed captioning, VOD, Live Streaming, Reflection Services to ease bandwidth and network access concerns, Mobile Apps, OTT Apps, Cablecast RTMP for Virtual Meeting and Social Media Integration, as well as expanded storage options.



Size: 1.7" x 17.2" x 16.9" (1RU) (Height x Width x Depth)
Weight: 20lbs (Shipping)
Power: 500W with Input 100 - 240Vac (50-60Hz)

No Chassis Specification


System: 250 GB - No RAID
Content: 8 TB - No RAID (Not expandable)

No Storage Specification

Included with purchase

Included with purchase

  • VIO Lite
  • AC Power Cable


Video IO: 2 SDI (BNC) Configurable as Input or Output (2 out / 0 in, or 1 out / 1 in).
Audio IO: 2 SDI Embedded Stereo
Genlock: Tri-Sync or Black Burst
Display Output: VGA

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No Connectivity Specification


Operating System: Windows 10 (2021 LTSC) (EOL 2032)
Encoding Formats: AVC(H.264) & MPEG2
Playback Formats: MPEG 2 IBP, MPEG 2 I-Frame, MPEG 4, H.264, AVI, DVCAM, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, DV, IMX
Native Network
Native Network Decoding Formats: RTP, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, NDI, SRT, (RTMP requires an RTMP server)
Cablecast CG Player optional (Licensing required per channel)

No Multimedia or Software Specification


Software Warranty: 1 year included
Hardware Warranty: 3 years included (Parts and Labor)

No Multimedia or Software Specification


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No Multimedia or Software Specification

Available Add-ons

  • Cablecast RTMP

    Cloud-based streaming service that brings virtual meetings and remote events to cable, web, streaming apps, as well as Youtube Live and Facebook Live.

  • Cablecast VOD 450

    VOD server in a 3RU Chassis, 10TB Storage w/ RAID with Redundant Power

  • Cablecast Live

    Cablecast LIVE broadcasts your station’s content live in beautiful H.264 HLS streams over the internet to your community and beyond.

  • Cablecast Closed Captioning

    Seamless, high-accuracy automated closed captioning solution available directly in the Cablecast web interface.

  • Branded CG Channel Design

    Branded channel design and message templates for your Cablecast CG bulletin board available in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio

  • Cablecast REFLECT Cloud Cache CDN

    Cablecast REFLECT is a content delivery service that eases the burden of adaptive bitrate video streaming delivery on your local network.

  • Branded Streaming App

    This powerful add-on for Cablecast REFLECT gives you an exclusively branded app for your live streams and on-demand content.


Cablecast VIO Lite

Cablecast Live

Simulcast your channel on the web!

Want to stream to the web? Checkout Cablecast Live-350 streaming hardware to extend your channels reach to the web with adaptive bit-rate HLS Webstreaming. Extend to OTT platforms with a Cablecast Reflect subscription.

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