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Community Media

Your content meets your community
wherever and whenever they watch

Community Media

Your content meets your community
wherever and whenever they watch


I have been a Tightrope user for over a decade at multiple access centers and find their continued dedication to innovation and customer support second to none! Any time I’ve had a problem, which honestly has been rare, they have responded in a timely manor to solve the problem. Keep up the good work!
- Bob Dunbar
Executive Director, Revere TVNewbury Port, MA
The responsive design of Cablecast’s interface automatically adjusts to whatever device I’m viewing it on, and makes it easy for me to remotely make programming corrections or address changes in the schedule from wherever I am.
-Chris Giard
Video Engineer, Connecticut Public Affairs, COX Northeast Region
As someone who has worked with other engineers and support teams from other Broadcast vendors, I can honestly say that I have not seen such a quick turnaround and attention to the customer, especially when it mattered most for our station.
- Chris Gentry
Broadcast Production Coordinator, Bedford Community TV/WBNH 105.1 LP-FM
The workflow for publishing and delivering online content with Cablecast Reflect continues Tightrope’s signature ease of use, which is also what drew us to Cablecast. When we add a program to our cable schedule, we simply check a box to indicate whether we also want it streamed live or published as VOD online.
- Josh Stowell
Station Manager, Eagle County Government Television
Cablecast Reflect is a game-changer because it makes HD online content distribution affordable. Since Tightrope really understands the needs of PEG channel providers, they've designed an automated, affordable solution that's perfect for us.
-Justin Cowgill
CTO, CreaTV, San Jose, CA
Cablecast has simplified and improved our end product for residents. We have a simple workflow that allows us to make our videos look amazing, and quickly turn around our replays. The added features for emergency purposes and extra information really help our channels stand out.
-Adam McCune
Goffstown TV, Goffstown, NH
Cablecast Reflect—the latest upgrade to our Tightrope system—has enhanced our online media distribution via a highly efficient cloud-based streaming solution. With Reflect, we can better preserve and manage bandwidth while delivering higher quality live and on-demand streams to online platforms.
- Ann Theis
Station Director, Denver Open Media
Scheduling is much smoother, faster and easier with Cablecast. I can now search for when shows are running, and copy and paste blocks of shows between days. And while other systems required us to publish our schedules separately for each platform, Cablecast does it automatically for both our website and bulletin boards.
-Jay Brunetta
Public Access Director, Holden Community Television, Holden, MA
The Cablecast Flex 4 servers give us the flexibility to run the county's new HD channels and city's SD-only channel all from the same platform. The servers' integrated up/down conversion has also been handy in our transition, letting us easily blend existing SD content into our HD channels.
-Randy Hisle
Chief Video Engineer, James City County, VA
With Cablecast, all I have to do is check a box when creating the schedule, and it automatically creates the high definition MP4 file and makes it available on our website. Creating live streams is equally easy and, like all aspects of Cablecast, has been very reliable for us – a benefit we didn’t have with our old streaming system, where our streams were often down.
-Michael D’Amato
Broadcast Communications Manager, Edison TV, Edison, NJ
With our old system, bulletins were entirely manually managed. The Tightrope platform saves us a lot of time on the back end, automatically publishing and updating our program schedules on our bulletin board. It is also easy to use dynamic, external data sources in Carousel, and I was able to quickly integrate multiple Twitter feeds into our bulletins.
-Pat Aldrich
Cable Access Coordinator, Douglas Cable Access, Douglas, MA
Using the browser-based user interface, we can post emergency notices from wherever we have electricity and Internet connectivity. People in the community really sat up and took notice, as there was nowhere else they could go to get information that quickly. It made Falmouth Community Television instantly more vital to the community.
– Debra Rogers
Executive Director, Falmouth Community Television, Falmouth, MA
Using Reflect to host the live stream, we enabled a very large audience to watch the live hearing with no issues whatsoever on the streaming side. And with Tightrope's end-to-end broadcast automation solution, we don't have to spend time buying and integrating separate products.
- Bryan Harley
Director of Operations, CMAC, Fresno, CA
Tightrope products are integrated to provide maximum impact with minimal workflow effort, and their software upgrades provide a level of enhancement one might expect with an entirely new system. The products are fairly priced, the technology is straightforward and easy to master, and the reliability is unparalleled.
- Shawn Serre
Executive Director, Pittsfield Community Television, Pittsfield, MA

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March 25, 2020
A remote virtual network streaming workflow for your cable channel, web and social live streams
Screenweave LIVE is a virtual RTMP service that brings live RTMP feeds directly into your Cablecast hardware for cable, web and OTT playback as well as Facebook Live and YouTube Live.
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February 5, 2020
Deliver more secure and accessible content to your viewers, all managed from inside the Cablecast web UI.
You asked for it, and Cablecast 7.1 delivers. Deliver more secure and accessible content to your viewers that is managed entirely inside the Cablecast web UI. This release also increases longevity of Cablecast Flex systems.
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The Cablecast Community Media team is dedicated to keeping you up to date on all the latest trends. We reach beyond topics that only concern our products, to bring you updates on production, training, general non-profit news and more.

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Screenweave LIVE now available for vitural RTMP streaming
Screenweave LIVE virtual RTMP service brings feeds from Zoom or similar platforms into Cablecast for simultaneous cable, web, OTT and social live feed playback.
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Join the Cablecast Community Forum
Connect with other Cablecast users, share your real world experiences and make feature requests all in one spot. Getting started is easy.
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Tips for managing your Cablecast system remotely
If you are not able to access your facility in person right now here are some guides to help you manage your Cablecast system remotely.
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