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Stay up to speed on the latest in broadcast and streaming video automation for community media and municipal cable operations. Cablecast Community Media has a wide variety of step-by-step guides, demos, webinars, and offers to claim, watch or download.

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Webinar: Post-NAB 2024 Roundup and Cablecast User Group

Explore Cablecast's latest enhancements from NAB 2024: Control Rooms for streamlined workflow, multi-audio capabilities, and advanced social streaming directly from your server.
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What Are Common Video Content Accessibility Compliance Issues That Cities Overlook?

Explore the often overlooked compliance challenges cities face with ADA and closed captioning regulations, learn effective strategies for full accessibility in municipal communications.
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Connected Communities Summit: Can Cities Use Institutional Networks (I-Nets) For Secure IP Video Transport?

Wondering if your city can leverage existing infrastructure to modernize government service delivery? Nick Brandt explores the use of I-Net for IP Video Transport to live stream City Meetings.
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Triumph Over Tedium: Automate Your Channel Playback Schedule Infinitely Into the Future with Auto Scheduling Workflows

Automate repetitive tasks, elevate consistency, and boost efficiency in channel playback scheduling. Experience live source switching, file-based rules, and automated show re-runs.
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Essential Video Server Checklist for Efficiency & Cybersecurity

Get the latest features in video automation and stay on top of security best practices. This checklist helps you choose the right video server for cable, web, and streaming app distribution.
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PEG Experts: Building Long Term Financial Security for Your Media Center

You're passionate, motivated and want the community to know you're here to stay. Learn key considerations for your station's long term financial security with Sue Buske of The Buske Group.
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How to Use Video to Create a More Welcoming City

Video is a powerful tool for cities to showcase communities, educate residents, and foster inclusivity. Here are six top ways to make your city more welcoming through video.
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Cablecast Translate Five Hour Free Trial

Provide automated multi-language translations for your closed captions on your live & file-based video content with Cablecast Translate.
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Optimizing Online Government Video: Tips to Reach Your Local Audience

Learn how to optimize your city's online meeting videos for easy discovery and navigation, making your digital presence more user-friendly and accessible for your residents.
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Webinar: Caption Editor & Cablecast Translate

Edit your closed captions with ease and provide automated multi-language translations on your live & file-based video content with Cablecast Translate. Complete the form to watch a demo today!
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PEGMedia Exchange $5 Credit Offer

Start discovering great content nationwide. Get $5 when you sign up today! Note: PEGMedia is for PEG operations only. All account requests are subject to admin approval.
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Demo the Cablecast Multi-Language Translations Workflow

Provide automated multi-language translations on your live and file-based video content with Cablecast Translate in the Cablecast Text Tracks UI. Complete the form to watch a demo today!
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