Vio Stream
Complete virtual channel

Fully automated solution for live and on-demand video to web and over-the-top platforms

No Cable Channel? No Problem
All-in-one online & OTT broadcast solution

Easily integrate live and on demand video into your digital media infrastructure with the VIO Stream channel-in-a-box solution. Add Cablecast cloud services to bring your live content to OTT and mobile streaming apps, as well as Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Present your content, your way. VIO Stream includes turnkey web pages to display your VOD content, live streams and programming schedule. You can also use a complete set of APIs to integrate dynamic schedules, live streams and VOD playlists onto your existing website.

Consolidated Screens showcasing video automation and closed captioning solutions
Consolidate Your Workflow
Program Once. Publish everywhere.

Enjoy a single easy-to-use web interface to schedule and record your live feeds, upload your file based content, schedule your live streams and video files, create and edit your bulletin board and CG graphics, customize your programming display pages and generate reports. Just schedule a show—live or file-based— add show details, and VIO Stream sends it to your web & OTT channels and updates the event schedule on your bulletin board and website. Plug these dynamic feeds into even more places using our API’s for always-up-to-date information in all the places you need it.

Public Sector Communications

From City Hall to any place you can park the production truck, stream live to your community directly from VIO Stream. Doing virtual and hybrid meetings? manage live chaptering, trim files, add captions, and attach agendas all in one web UI. See more on Government Meetings Solutions.

K-12 & Higher Education

VIO Stream is the perfect way to bring sports, theater and other events to web & OTT. This same system can also bring live and on demand content into the classroom, complete with levels of authorization for content submission and viewing access. On demand content can easily be delivered via an intranet and on Apple TV & Roku.

House of Worship

VIO Stream is your single tool for HD video delivery to satellite facilities and living rooms alike. Simulcast and record from a single production facility that serves all your community spaces as well as members who can only watch from home. You'll also get a seamlessly generated on demand archive of past services for web, Apple TV & Roku.

Automation, Scheduling, Digital File Management

Enjoy a complete content library with customizable metadata fields, sophisticated scheduling for your virtual channel, remote file uploads, remote stream source management, video trimming and a confidence monitor built into the user interface.

Reporting, SEO & Sharing

Turnkey web pages for your channel content are integrated with Google Analytics, optimized for search engines as 'video' results and include social share buttons on every page. The web UI also offers robust reporting tools and viewer metrics.

Graphics & Branding

Use onboard graphic tools to add a fixed logo, text such as 'Live' or 'Previously Recorded' as well as live crawl graphics to your channel playout.

Digital Bulletin Board

VIO Stream includes a digital bulletin board that displays the program schedule when nothing is scheduled on your channel. This onboard solution keeps everyone informed with a wide range of options for customized, always up to date content including local weather, calendars, twitter feeds and more. See examples.

Integrated Closed Captioning

VIO Stream video servers are compatible with Cablecast Closed Captioning, a seamless, automated online and offline captioning solution available directly in the Cablecast web interface. Enjoy high accuracy, low latency, custom vocabulary settings and flexible, usage-based pricing that works for your needs and budget.

Native IP Contribution

Incorporate RTP, RTMP, RTSP, HLS streams natively for live playback or record them for later use. NewTek NDI integration enables seamless IP production workflow.

Cloud Reflection Service

Keep your network running smoothly with our reflection service that intuitively caches your content in the cloud when demand is high.

Cablecast rtmp Simulcasting

Paired with an RTMP encoder, Cablecast RTMP enables simulcasting of virtual streams to VIO Stream, your web & OTT channels as well as Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

An illustration of mobile management for your Cablecast server
Complete Mobile Management

100% Remote Workflow
Whether you're working in your office, studio, or on the go, you hold everything you need to control your VIO Stream in the palm of your hands. After the initial setup of your hardware, access the full feature set for network and file-based video source management remotely in a responsive, mobile-friendly web interface. Your whole team can contribute too. Unique logins allow remote content contribution and video uploads from anywhere.

Chaptering & Attached Documents

Skip to sections of long videos like meetings or sports using integrated VOD chaptering. Also embed documents such as meeting minutes that viewers can read and download from your web channel.

No Additional Hardware

With its built-in encoder and live streaming capabilities, VIO Stream is all you need to bring in live content from anywhere. 

Share Friendly

Get Facebook and Twitter share buttons on every video in your VOD library that automatically pull your custom video thumbnail, show title & description. Want to share a specific moment in a video? Enjoy shareable video chapter links.

No Additional Hardware

With its built-in encoder and live streaming capabilities,
VIO Stream is all you need to bring in live content from anywhere. 

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