Bulletin Board solutions from Cablecast CG offer seamlessly integrated graphic announcement management for Public, Educational and Government access television

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Cablecast CG

The Cablecast CG Bulletin Board brings seamless graphic announcements to cable channels, closed circuit channels, web streams, and OTT apps in full screen or as an L-Bar framing your live channel playout.

The Cablecast CG graphics solution uses a zone-based workflow with user roles and permissions and a wide array of turnkey bulletin templates and channel designs. The web-centric management is accessible from anywhere by your whole team. The mobile-friendly UI and platform ubiquity makes it the ideal solution for getting urgent information out fast.


Integrates seamlessly with Cablecast to generate “Coming Up Next”, “See It Again” and “You Were Just Watching” bulletins between shows.


Cablecast CG can take in RSS feeds and other types of formats to show whatever you need in your bulletin board. This enables feeds such as website updates, traffic cameras, live weather conditions and more.

unlimited user accounts

With limitless user seat licenses, you can give logins to whoever you want to update content on your bulletin board. Give a login to other departments to enable them to add their own content.

playout Schedule

The Cablecast Automation servers and Carousel Bulletin boards work hand in hand to display your daily or weekly programming schedule in real-time. with ease. No need to update the bulletin board.

Template Based Design

Nobody needs graphic design knowledge to make good looking bulletin board slides. Maintain your branding, look and feel with templates! Create great looking bulletins in seconds with a intuitive web-based interface accessible from the station, home or even the road.

Twitter Integration

Effortlessly display your Twitter feeds on your bulletin board dynamically without the need to update it every day. Cablecast CG will take care of the rest by pulling the latest feed materials.

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FULL OF Possibilities

Cablecast CG is ideal for schools, cities, houses of worship and other organizations looking for consolidated multiplatform content distribution across the web, cable and over the top platforms for live, scheduled and on demand programming. It’s also ideal for organizations using closed circuit networks on premise such as resorts, retirement facilities, and cruise ships. We offer several premade channel designs to enable fast deployment of your bulletin board.

Want a custom channel made just for you? No problem, we have a professional services team that can help you create your perfect channel, designed & branded for you.

Hardware Specifications

New with VIO Servers:
You no longer need dedicated player hardware to do bulletin-boards. New with VIO Servers, your bulletin board output can be integrated in your Automation server! Contact sales for more details.

Cablecast VIO Lite - CG Server
The VIO Lite CG Server is for stand-alone graphic announcement operation or as a redundant player for a VIO server/automation system for up to two channels. Requires CG Player Software license. Upgradable to a complete Cablecast VIO Lite video server.
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Are you a current Cablecast CG user looking for pre-made channel designs? Find those here.

what our
Customers say:

“We work with the local emergency planning committee to post critical and timely information to our bulletin board from wherever we have electricity and Internet, or even from our phones if Internet is down. People in the community really notice, as there is nowhere else getting information out that quickly. It makes FCTV instantly more vital to the community.” - Debra Rogers, Executive Director & CEO, FCTV

“Everyone from our superintendent to our director of public health are using it to provide updates about school re-openings and safety protocols. Being able to easily share [those updates] in the highest quality possible has been critical for us, and Cablecast CG lets us to do that.” - Matt Mena-Landry, Media Arts Program Manager, Cambridge Public Schools

Cablecast Live broadcasts your station’s content live in beautiful H.264 HLS streams over the internet to your community and beyond to anyone with an internet connection.

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Cablecast video servers provide automation, device control, video server, encoder, and channel branding solution in one complete package. Cablecast Flex plays all the most common file formats and performs up, down and cross conversion for HD and SD files.

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