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On top of our standard free support during regular business hours, Platinum Assurance gives you that extra peace of mind in the moments you need it most.

A person in customer service speaks to a customer about Platinum Assurance for support

what you get

Blanket Software Assurance

Platinum Assurance plans include blanket software assurance on all Cablecast devices.


Get phone support if your channel goes off the air after regular business hours.

Loaner Equipment

In the event you need a loaner, Platinum Assurance plans include the use and shipment of the loaner device.

Upgrade Assistance & Training Hours

Platinum Assurance includes upgrade assistance for major feature releases as well as two hours of one on one training per year.

Read more about Platinum Assurance in our knowledge base
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“I appreciate the support Kevin provides, always resolving the issue and trying to share the information in layman’s terms.”
- Vincent T
“Ray, Grayson and Kevin have been super patient and helpful. They act like owners rather than employees. They show a positive attitude and get the job done!!!”
- Chad Y
MediaTree TV
“I appreciate how quick support responds to me. They are very helpful and communicative. In general it's very easy to give access and trust them to go to work.”
- Stephanie C
Carroll County Media Center
"Great service, very patient. No matter how small the question, I always feel like I matter. Thank you.”
- Jessica J
City of Worcester, MA
“Aaron was awesome helping us in every aspect possible, and he also included a description of what he did so we can better understand how the system works.”
- Mike D
Kingdom Access Television
“Shane went above and beyond with his prompt responses and clearing out junk files from our hard drive.”
- Vincent T
“Support was perfect!”
- Dimitry M
Fair Lawn TV
“Earth Date 030420: Sensors detected an anomaly with our forward facing inter-web shield. After contacting Tightrope HQ, Commander Brandt was dispatched to gather more data, which was ultimately used to modify our shield and sensor arrays. Now the warp core is functioning at optimal efficiency, and by warp core, I mean we have a clear direction on which actions to take with our firewall. Thanks Commander!"
- Nathan A
Contra Costa Television
“We really appreciate how helpful our support was. The agent was quick to respond and very helpful. We think you guys are awesome. We extra appreciate the help in these challenging times.”
- Cole
Itasca Community Television
"Fast response. Promised followup was provided when promised. Great experience.”
- Jonathan Hall
City of Temecula
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