Mobile & Ott Streaming Apps

Bring your LIVE and VOD channel playout to mobile & OTT platforms.


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OTT & mobile apps from Cablecast bring your live and on-demand content seamlessly and dynamically to viewers on Apple TV®, Roku®, Amazon Fire TV, iOS and Android platforms.

If you are distributing exclusively to web platforms and do not need a SDI cable playout solution, check out our VIO Stream virtual channel solution.

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Apps Update dynamically

Enjoy zero steps to updating your apps on all platforms. Cablecast streaming apps mirror the content from your dynamic VOD playlists and Cablecast LIVE streams so they're always up to date.

Smart Playlists & Saved Searches

Build VOD playlists in your apps with saved search criteria in Cablecast or let Cablecast build lists for you using keyword-driven smart playlists.

Sorts by geolocation

Cablecast streaming apps use location data to present viewers with  content in the communities closest to them. The app then remembers the user’s selection for future viewing. To skip this list step, you can build your own branded apps.


Cablecast streaming apps are powered by Cablecast REFLECT, which shifts the burden of streaming delivery from the station’s own infrastructure to the cloud. Now you can count on smooth live streaming for your viewers for your most popular live events.

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Cablecast reflect:

Cablecast Reflect is a cloud-based subscription service that streams your media to a virtually unlimited number of viewers with low impact on your bandwidth. In conjunction with the new Cablecast Live and Cablecast VOD Internet servers that utilize high quality, bandwidth efficient H.264 streams, Tightrope introduces Cablecast Reflect; a cloud based service that conserves your bandwidth while delivering a virtually unlimited number of streams to your viewers. Learn more.

Bring live & Virtual Events to OTT with ScreenWeave LIVE:

Screenweave LIVE simulcasts live network streams to all your platforms all at once. One feed can go to your cable channel, web stream, Apple TV® and Roku® channels, as well as your Facebook Live and YouTube Live feeds. Learn more about Screenweave LIVE.

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