Cablecast Automation Products

Cablecast hardware comes with a three year factory warranty and free standard technical support.

Channel Automation

Live Streaming & Video on Demand

Cablecast VOD 450


VOD server in a 3RU Chassis, 10TB Storage w/ RAID with Redundant Power

Cablecast VOD Lite


VOD Lite in a 1RU Chassis, 8TB Storage with no RAID or Redundant Power.

Cablecast Live


Cablecast LIVE broadcasts your station’s content live in beautiful H.264 HLS streams over the internet to your community and beyond.

Cablecast REFLECT Cloud Cache CDN


Cablecast REFLECT is a content delivery service that eases the burden of adaptive bitrate video streaming delivery on your local network.

Cablecast RTMP

CBL-RTMP-100GB/Month, CBL-RTMP-10GB Additional, CBL-RTMP-Trial

Cloud-based streaming service that brings virtual meetings and remote events to cable, web, streaming apps, as well as Youtube Live and Facebook Live.

Cablecast Cloud Storage


Annual subscription to cloud-based storage operating in conjunction with the Cablecast Smart Asset Manager (SAM)

Branded Streaming App


This powerful add-on for Cablecast REFLECT gives you an exclusively branded app for your live streams and on-demand content.

Cablecast REFLECT+ Cloud Store CDN


Cablecast REFLECT+ is a content delivery service that shifts your live and on-demand video streaming delivery from your local server to the cloud.

Graphic Channel bulletin board

Branded CG Channel Design


Branded channel design and message templates for your Cablecast CG bulletin board available in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio

CG Player License


Cablecast CG Player License

Cablecast VIO Lite - CG Server


Two channel stand-alone bulletin-board server. 8TB internal storage (no RAID). Upgradable to Cablecast VIO Lite and VIO Lite OMNI.


These products are no longer available for sale, but listed for historical purposes.

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Bulletin Board

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Not to exceed 10 Signage Players on a Cablecast System. For more players or Digital Signage only, please see

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