Automated Closed Captioning & multi-language translation

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Consolidate your transcription workflow for closed captioning and multi-language translation. One mobile-friendly tool lets you automate and edit transcriptions and translations across all video platforms including cable, web, streaming apps and social media for live for file-based events.

A complete Closed Captioning solution Meets cross-platform channel Automation

Cablecast Closed Captioning brings automated transcription, an integrated caption editor and translation directly into your cross platform video automation workflow so you can manage it all in one mobile-friendly interface.

Cablecast Closed Captioning

  • Enable captions as a part of your broadcast or streaming workflow in one click
  • Create custom vocabularies with local name and places
  • Flexible plans and pricing to suit your needs and budget
  • Transcription passes to all video platforms including cable, web, streaming apps and social media
  • Use for live events or for file-based transcription
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Integrated Caption Editor

Correct spelling, timing, and adjust the positioning of closed captions directly within the Cablecast User Interface. Use the find and replace function to correct repeated errors. Use the Cablecast Caption Editor to edit any sidecar file on your Cablecast server, even those generated by third-party captioning solutions.

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Multi-Language Translation

  • Fully integrated cloud-based transcription, no additional hardware required
  • Live translations in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Dutch for your cable channel
  • Supports 72 different languages for video-on-demand.
  • Translate sidecar files on your server generated by Cablecast or third-party solutions
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models & options

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For live streaming, video on demand, SDI cable playout or all of them at once, Cablecast offers a variety of hardware options to fit your needs and budget.

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Manage on and offline closed captioning for your meetings in the Cablecast web interface with cloud captioning from Cablecast. You can also control an ENCO enCaption server.

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Streaming Apps to reach
residents on the go

Cablecast Streaming Apps bring content seamlessly to residents on their mobile devices and over the top streaming platforms. Turnkey apps are available for iPhone & iPad, Android, ROKU, Apple TV and Fire TV.

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Cablecast partners with other government-centric service providers to meet all your media distribution needs. Check out our solutions partners for agenda management, dynamic local content feeds and more.

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Customer Reviews

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“We go into our show record, check a box to say we want a particular program captioned and it all happens in the background without a lot of operator attention. [The workflow] is wonderful and the captions that come out are surprisingly accurate.”
Shawn Serre
Executive Director, Pittsfield Community Television
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400 S 4th Street · Suite 410 · #92452 · Minneapolis, MN 55415
  • 612-979-9719


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