How Social Media Can Help with Fundraising

Updated: Mar 01, 2023

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by Amanda L. Ravens, Special Events & Corporate Partnership Manager, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Social media has made its way into most people’s lives with more than 80% of Americans using at least one social platform. So it's no wonder that fundraisers are using it, too. If your organization does not have the resources or infrastructure for someone to be solely dedicated to philanthropy, peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising—often facilitated through social media called crowdfunding—is an easy and effective tool. To review from my previous post on sources of funding, specifically through P2P and crowdfunding, please read below:  

{Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising, otherwise known as “social fundraising” or “crowdfunding” is on the rise. Just as advertisers are turning to social media, so should you! P2P allows your existing supporters to tap into their own personal networks to help raise funds. This practice not only generates dollars from people you otherwise would not have access to, but also creates brand and mission awareness.}

P2P fundraising is widely considered to be a grassroots effort; however, structured integration between social media sites and philanthropy is on the rise. Facebook has recently started to encourage users to create fundraisers in support of nonprofits—and in lieu of gifts—for special occasions, as well as during times of need, such as natural disasters. Social media’s reach is far greater than any one organization could possibly imagine. It has the potential to raise significant funds through a collective group of donors, rather than one single donor contributing the same amount. To test this theory, try the following:

●     Select a preexisting fundraising initiative that you are already taking advantage of, such as Giving Tuesday, an event or year-end giving.

●     Create a social media post with text and an image that can easily be shared online. Include a brief description of your organization’s mission, what you’re fundraising for, the impact the dollars will have, the timeline for the campaign, your goal and a link to where donations can be made online (either your website or a third party crowdfunding site.) Remember to keep your post short and simple!

●     Alert your existing donors, volunteers, board and staff members of your crowdfunding efforts and ask them to share your post on their personal and business accounts. Incentivize this group by offering a chance to win an exciting raffle item for those who participate and share your post.

●     Publish your campaign on all of your organization’s social media pages and remind your constituents--at least twice--that you need their help in spreading the word. You should also provide a fundraising status update, which will help create a sense of urgency as you approach your goal.

●     Upon completion of your campaign, announce the fundraising results, as well as the winner of the raffle through each promotional channel.

P2P fundraising can be incredibly beneficial for organizations of all sizes; however, there are still pros and cons to be aware of when implementing its use:

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using social media as a way to raise funds and awareness of your mission.

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If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can benefit from social media and crowdfunding, contact Amanda Ravens at AmandaLRavenATgmailDOTcom or 508-274-4739.

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