How to Use Video to Create a Welcoming City

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Image showing young woman voting during elections with video play button
by Dana Healy

Video is a powerful tool that cities can utilize to showcase their community and make new-comers feel welcomed. Integrated with a city’s communication plan, video can be used strategically to explain upcoming projects, educate residents on programs, and make new residents feel included in the fabric of the community. Pair it with a playback system for video distribution and your city will be able to reach more residents. Here are our top 6 ways a city can use video to create a more welcoming city. 

1. Downtown Tour

Showcase your vibrant downtown merchants with a video tour of your local restaurants and stores. Does your community have concerts at the gazebo? Let’s see it! Highlight where a new resident can get a bite to eat or pick up a gift for a friend. 

Why it Works

You're shining a light on the gems of your neighborhood, local businesses that make your city a community. The businesses will appreciate the exposure and the residents will appreciate the video resource. 

See it in Action: The City of Roseville, California provides a quick overview of some substantial downtown development projects, as well as updates to their services to residents. What an excellent way to create content to welcome community members. 

2. Welcome from the Mayor

Envision your city’s Mayor walking down the path of your local park or sidewalk of the City Hall, welcoming new residents to the community through video. Sweeping shots of local lakes, skylines, and families enjoying the park will encourage your new residents to visit. Be sure to add contact information in the video so people can reach their local representatives. 

Why it Works

New residents will know who their Mayor is and how to contact them because of the video. At the same time they will also see a recognizable landmark that they can visit. Pair a video like this with the Cablecast content delivery network, Reflect, and you’ll be able to reach even more people with your content. 

See it In Action: Peabody TV in Peabody, Massachusetts, educates viewers with updates from their Mayor on projects that will impact their downtown for years to come. Sweeping shots of the community, paired with interviews of business owners and residents create engaging community content. 

3. Recycling Education

Recycling is handled differently in each city. Create a quick recycling how-to video to expel the recycling myths. If you have a recycling center or a composting center, show viewers how to get there and the posted hours to use it. 

Why it Works

Trash and recycling questions are some of the first questions new residents have. Eliminate the friction to the answers by proactively through a video showing how to recycle properly, and where to receive services. Meet your residents where they’re at by utilizing over the top platforms like Roku, or Apple TV to run these videos. 

See it in Action: The City of Pittsburgh created an educational recycling video to answer resident’s questions like how often recycling is picked up and what materials can be recycled. What a great way to communicate to residents. 

4. Voting 101

Voting locations are vital information for residents to know about. Consider creating an animated video showing voting locations on a map, and a checklist of things to have ready before going on their voting journey. 

Why it Works

More education provides people with the tools to complete their civic obligations. Make it easy for new residents to learn about their voting districts and increase voter turnout! Consider using closed captioning services from Cablecast to increase voter reach. 

See it in Action: Cablecast customer, LTV Media Center in Wainscott, NY took a proactive approach in educating voters on where and when to vote. Check it out. 

5. Park Visits

Showcase you city gems, let's see those parks! Have your parks department head give a video tour of your parks, along with addresses so new-comers can visit. 

Why it Works

Parks are visually beautiful places. This is a naturally welcoming place for your new neighbors, show it off!

See it in Action: CMAC in Fresno, California showcased Dewey Point in Yosemite National Park. Stunning content that shows off a beautiful park and community. 

6. Showcase Farmers Markets

Farmer’s markets are another community resource that builds up that neighborhood feeling, while also supporting local businesses. Create a video interviewing the merchants and patrons so new residents get a feel of their community. 

Why it Works

Everyone loves a farmer’s market. It incorporates a small community feeling while providing a big-community service. Promote your farmer’s market on your Cablecast CG bulletin board to let everyone in the community know.

Other video ideas range from ongoing series about diversity and equity, round table discussions, or additional educational resources. Video is the fastest way to connect with people. 

Contact Cablecast here and let us know what video ideas your city is working on! We’d love to feature your projects!

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