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Tips for managing your Cablecast system remotely

March 17, 2020

Due to adjustments and closures from the COVID-19 pandemic response, we have received many inquiries about the best ways to manage Cablecast systems remotely. We know that your ability to get information to your community is more important now than ever and we want to help. The good news is, Cablecast is already built with a remote workflow in mind. That said, we know that many of you may not have needed a remote setup before and therefore may need tips on how to get it setup.

Please see our remote workflow guide for details on what we anticipate are the most common needs. We have done our best to address solutions available for folks using an array of hardware and software versions.

Guides for a Remote Workflow in Cablecast:

Accessing Cablecast interface remotely

Uploading content remotely

Broadcasting live Internet streams

Other Helpful Links: 

Cablecast Support Center 

Video Tutorials

Blog Post: List of public COVID-19 content that anyone can use right now

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