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detailed feature demos with our engineering team, and expert panel discussions on PEG industry topics.
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Cablecast Technical Training: Using Sidecar Files in Cablecast

September 10, 2020

Support for closed captioning sidecar files makes the process of adding captions to programming much faster and easier. No embedding or transcoding necessary. Watch this step by step training on how to add MCC and SCC sidecar files to your content in Cablecast.

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Cablecast Technical Training: Network Streaming Sources

May 1, 2020

Network streaming to your Cablecast Flex and VIO servers has never been easier. Cablecast supports playout of HLS, RTP, RTMP, RTSP, and YouTube Live (beta) streams. This video explains each stream type, the pros and cons, and how to configure and schedule them in Cablecast.

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What's New in Cablecast 7.1

March 19, 2020

Expanded closed captioning and network streaming support on Cablecast VIO & Flex systems. Encrypt web video portals directly in Cablecast. This release also adds some Cablecast VIO features to Cablecast Flex systems. Watch this overview for details on these additions and more.

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Cablecast Technical Training: Configure & Schedule Squeeze Backs

January 22, 2020

Using Cablecast VIO servers with Cablecast CG means you don't have to choose between programming and announcements. Watch this training to learn how to configure and schedule L Bar channels and squeeze backs in Cablecast.

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Cablecast Technical Training: Web Video Workflow

October 22, 2019

With Cablecast by Tightrope, publishing your VOD content to your website, smartphones, and to Roku and Apple TV Apps all happens automatically

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Seamless Multiplatform Content Distribution with Cablecast VIO servers + Cablecast 7.0 software

August 28, 2019

Bring vital local content to your community wherever and whenever they watch with seamless multiplatform content distribution from Cablecast VIO and Cablecast 7.0.

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