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Updated: Mar 01, 2023

Stock image of hand playing video with title: PEG Experts Forum - Optimizing Web Viewer Experience Panel

We all want it: an engaging, content-rich website that always looks fresh. After all, if your mission is focused on content creation, shouldn’t your website reflect that? We all know it’s easier said than done. You may have thought, if you’re going to put work into having a nice video on demand library at all, it needs to be something people actually want to use. For some folks trying to operate within their dry or outdated city website, this might be the point where you simply tuck your head and decide you don’t have the staff, money or permission to get it down. If this story sounds familiar, we have great news! 

Back in June we hosted a panel discussion with folks who are committed to providing the most value to their web audiences with engaging VOD content. They each take a deep dive into into the powerful tools they use to consolidate and automate content feeds. 

There’s no need to feel intimidated if you’re not a web guru. Our panelists demonstrate how far you can go with standard web video tools used both in their intended fashion as well as some innovative ways to take them even further. 

Others demonstrate what is possible when you can spend a little money or utilize web savvy staff to customize your digital content library.No matter what level you’re at, watch the presentation to get inspired and take the first step toward optimizing your web video viewer experience.

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to watching the full presentation? Here are a few highlights: 

Panelist Kayla Creamer demonstrated some innovative ways she has been using embeddable PDFs in her VOD portal for local government coverage and beyond: 

Here is PCTV’s Shawn Serre demonstrating a custom feature he developed with a colleague to add automated promo pre-rolls spots to his VOD content. Right now they use this exclusively for promoting the station, but PCTV intends to leverage these spots in other ways in the future. 

Attendees of this webinar weighed in with their questions as well, adding topics surrounding content hosting to the conversation. What should you consider when picking a platform to host your on-demand video? Should you self-host? Should you use more than one platform? Our panelists all shared similar sentiments about protecting their libraries in the face of third party ‘free’ video hosting, but they all described a slightly different implementation: 

Additionally, attendees asked, if you’ve decided to host VOD content on your own video server, how much of an archive should you maintain? You may not be surprised to hear that our panelists’ responses didn’t vary so much on this one: 

That's it for your quick intro. View the full panel discussion for more time-saving tips, including a demo of a dynamic WordPress plugin for your VOD library from Bryan Harley of CMAC. Sign up right here to join future PEG Experts panel discussions live.

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