This Community Calendar Solution is a No-Brainer for Your Funding Diversity Goals

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

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Community calendars continue to be an important part of PEG station operations. Now imagine if your content was so valuable (read, current and plentiful) that you could monetize it. With Burbio, you can easily create a comprehensive calendar that is an appealing advertising opportunity for local businesses.

Burbio is a community events platform that delivers and automatically updates hyper-local event information from local schools, governments, charities, and other organizations. Thanks to a partnership announced last year, Burbio’s information feeds integrate seamlessly with Cablecast CG bulletin board software.

A robust community events calendar creates ideal ad spots for local businesses

“With Burbio, your community calendar becomes a valuable asset because the information it provides is so local and so thorough,” explained Dennis Roche, President of Burbio. “Local companies like to support the communities they serve. How you package sponsorship opportunities can be really quite effective.”

Roche offered a number of potential promotional avenues for community calendars:

On-Air Promotion – build “brought to you by” messaging into your broadcast schedule.

Branded Sponsorship – sell web banners and other valuable online real estate on your calendar page.

Featured Events – let local businesses share their event news on your calendar.

Email Integration – add an ad to your weekly email round-up of events

“PEG used to be about television, but now it’s about media,” added Steve Israelsky, President, Cablecast Community Media. “Communities across the country are losing newspapers and other local media outlets. People need a good source of local information, and that’s a role that PEG stations can fulfill with Burbio. What local bank or real estate agent wouldn’t want to be associated with that?

To get a demo of Burbio, Email Dennis at dennisATburbioDOTcom. To learn more about Cablecast CG bulletin board software, visit here.

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