Burbio: Automate Your Community Calendar

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

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A mainstay of PEG stations across the country, the community calendar is an important source of news and information. But there’s no easy way to compile the information, and it’s time consuming to format the information for your viewers.

Enter Burbio, a service that provides hyper-local and automatically updated information, which can be easily integrated into Cablecast CG bulletin board software.

“Community event information is highly fragmented,” observed Dennis Roche, President of Burbio. “Schools, local governments, libraries, charities – they all have their own websites, emails and text alert systems, and it’s time consuming and expensive to keep track of it all. Burbio aggregates this critical event information from source sites and formats it for your community calendar.

Burbio has built out information feeds for more than 200,000 K-12 schools, governments, libraries and community groups covering every community in the United States. Content is provided to PEG stations via an iCal feed, which can be presented on Cablecast CG as a simple single-zone layout or as part of a multi-zone display along with data from other sources.

“Traditionally, PEG channels feature community calendars, but organizations have to proactively provide information and PEG personnel need to format it,” explained Steve Israelsky, President, Cablecast Community Media. “What’s great about Burbio is that it automates the entire process, which saves our customers a lot of time.”

Need a demo? Email Dennis at dennisATburbioDOTcom. To learn more about Cablecast CG bulletin board software, visit here.

Part 2 of this series will explore how your community calendar can become a revenue stream.

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