New and Improved Auto-Schedule Training for Cablecast Video Playback Servers Now Available On-Demand

Updated: Jan 17, 2024

A laptop screen showcasing the Auto Schedule Feature for video playback solutions by Cablecast Automation

The Cablecast Customer Success team recently released an updated version of its comprehensive Auto-Schedule rules-based channel scheduling training. This revamped demonstration was hosted by Customer Success Manager, Kayla Creamer, and facilitated in the latest version of the Cablecast Automation Software UI. And it’s now available on-demand for free to identified viewers.

Are you struggling with the daily drag of manually populating your channel's playout server schedule? Are predictable, repeated tasks keeping you from addressing more complex or urgent needs at your station? If so, you're not alone. Auto-Schedule is designed to help program managers create rule-based automation that will revolutionize their scheduling workflow by saving several hours a week.

Imagine a world where 95% of the scheduling on your playout server is automated. That's the reality Creamer was living at her last station, thanks to rules-based workflows from the Auto-Schedule feature in Cablecast. Bringing over ten years of channel playout experience to this updated training, Creamer shows you how you can too.

What's in store for you? This high-level overview is perfect for busy professionals. It delves into the essentials of setting up Auto-Schedule rules, choosing the right fill content, and understanding the nuances of schedule and reschedule rules. Plus, Kayla shares valuable tips on managing date ranges and time slots to ensure your content is broadcasted exactly when you want it.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your channel scheduling workflow. Request this on-demand webinar today by telling us a little bit about you and your station and unlocking the secrets to a more streamlined, efficient channel scheduling process.

We understand that every channel and program is unique, so we also offer personalized training sessions post-webinar. Reach out to our team if you'd like to know more about our flexible approach to training and support hours.

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