Training Hours Redefined: Become a Cablecast Expert, Or Let The Experts Do It For You

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

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When New York’s Community Media of Staten Island (CMSI) debuted its new Cablecast system in September 2023, they needed help. Luckily for them, we have a different definition of “training hours.” We offer more than your usual tech support, because what we offer is more like private lessons from the Cablecast team.

How you spend your training hours is up to you. Tell us what you want and we can build it for you. We can help your crew get up to speed on new or upgraded systems, or even make customized training videos specific to your workflows.

CMSI’s new setup included four Cablecast VIO Lite OMNI video servers, Cablecast CG bulletin board and a branded streaming app. CMSI supports four channels, and each one has its own live channel and VOD programming in the app. Plus, Cablecast CG is driving CMSI’s first community bulletin board.

It was a lot of new – and CMSI needed a lot of help in order to launch on time. So, they allocated some of their training hours to speed up the start up. Not only did Cablecast customer success managers show them how to use the system, but they also helped CMSI configure their Cablecast Internet Channels, their Cablecast CG channels, and their basic OTT apps.

Within the feature-rich Cablecast ecosystem, there’s a long list of tools and services that can make your community media operation run more smoothly. We can automate, schedule and play content for your channel, as well as manage your VOD assets. You can store some or all of your content in the cloud without third-party interference. Plus, you can add captioning and offer multi-language translation for viewers. Need a bulletin board? We have that, too. That’s why we offer training hours with incredible flexibility.

We realize that’s not the traditional way most companies will allow customers to use training hours. But Cablecast has already disrupted traditional PEG workflows with automated and cloud-based solutions – why not disrupt customer service for the better, too? Learn more about our Professional Services, include training and much more, here.

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