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cablecast 6.3

Going live should always be this easy. The release of Cablecast 6.3 for Cablecast Flex servers brings the value of three pieces of hardware into one easy live solution. That's why there's never been a better time to upgrade to Cablecast Flex!

Over the top delivery solutions

Over the top
Out of the Box:

This powerful add-on for Cablecast Reflect brings your live and
on-demand content to users of Apple TV® and Roku® devices.

Zero Steps to ott

Enjoy zero steps to an up to date over the top (OTT) library. Cablecast Screenweave pushes content from your Cablecast VOD and Cablecast Live server to your OTT channels on Apple TV and Roku. Customize your metadata using the fields in the Cablecast UI and Cablecast Screenweave intuitively sorts your on-demand content for viewers.

Your channel shows up in your community

Cablecast Screenweave uses geolocation data to automatically present viewers with the Cablecast-powered channel closest to them. The app then remembers the user’s selection for future viewing.

Smooth playback from Cablecast Reflect

Cablecast Screenweave works in conjunction with Cablecast Reflect, which shifts the burden of streaming delivery from the station’s own infrastructure to the cloud, increasing reliability and minimizing impact on your local network. Cablecast Screenweave is included free of charge with your Cablecast Reflect subscription, including support for up to three channels per station.


Get LiveOverlay as a part of your Cablecast software update* on your Flex server. Talk to your Cablecast sales representative today about how to add LiveOverlay to your system.

Customize your channel

Upload your station's logo and your custom banner design

Direct IP Streaming Contribution

Expand your source capacity without the hassle of video runs or baseband input limitations. Go live from anywhere with new RTP streaming contribution over IP directly into your Cablecast Flex server.


Your town has a lot to offer. Offer it all to your viewers with StreamSource from Cablecast Flex.  StreamSource lets you contribute live RTP streams over IP directly into your Cablecast Flex server using any compatible encoding device*. No video runs, no hassle, just lots of content from lots of places.


StreamSource doesn’t just make live remote contribution easier in the field, it also helps you get more out of your current hardware back at the station. Enjoy the full Cablecast feature set including Flex LiveOverlay on all StreamSource contributionContact your Tightrope Sales Representative today about enabling StreamSource on your Cablecast Flex server.

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CAblecast SCreenWeave In the News

Press Release: Cablecast Screenweave Brings Community TV Channels to Popular OTT Devices


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