View our collection of pre-recorded videos on how to use your Cablecast / Bulletin-board system here. Personalized 1:1 training available if you prefer a human to aide in your learning experience.

New to Cablecast?


Step 1

We recommend checking out our "New User Training" overview to familiarize yourself with all the major components and inner-workings of day to day usage of your Cablecast Automation system. We recommend starting with this video, complete with chapter markers for you to jump around within the training and go at your own pace.

New User Training

If you're looking for a specific overview of a certain feature, we recommend watching one of the videos below.


Step 2

Want to learn something more specific regarding your Cablecast system? Checkout the focus videos listed below on different parts of your system. Perhaps even one of the webinars listed will answer any additional questions.


Step 3

Still have questions about your system? Prefer some 1:1 training? Scroll to the bottom of the page and request additional training. (This requires you to have or purchase some À la carte training).

Feature Focused videos


Learn how to use the Cablecast Automation system with these video tutorials.

Brand new to Cablecast?
We recommend starting here:

New User Training

Bulletin Board

Learn how to use the Cablecast Automation system with these video tutorials.


Learn how to use the Cablecast Automation system with these video tutorials.


Prefer human interaction for training? More of a one on one learner? Good news, that is a option! To get personalized training with one of our trainers, complete the form below. If you have the training hours available, you will be provided with a scheduling tool to pick a time and date that works best for you.

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