Tightrope staff shares work from home tips with new Remotie.life blog

Updated: Mar 01, 2023

Cablecast Employee shares work from home tips

From the original post in Broadcast Film & Video Magazine

The employees of Tightrope Media Systems have always thought differently. After all, the founders formed the company specifically to address underserved needs in broadcast and AV. No one would have called community TV automation, instant replay servers and digital signage lucrative product areas in the late 1990s.

And while corporations remain a substantial percentage of their customer base, Tightrope has never been one for strict corporate culture. The founders of the company, including CEO JJ Parker, remain down-to-earth people that value freedom and flexibility over structure and rules. That philosophy created a culture at Tightrope that fostered innovation and success through its entire staff, without being forced to work in a common location and confined to a 9-to-5 lifestyle.

“We have always had a ‘remote work’ culture,” explains Parker, “and in the past few years we have made working remotely a core part of our culture. We now describe the current version of our office as ‘remote-first,’ without being bound to physical locations.”

The COVID-19 spread has now forced many businesses to adopt a similar approach. Tightrope is sharing how businesses can continue operations unabated in a new remotie.life blog. The site was launched in dedication of remote workers, and offers tips and tools focused on how to navigate out-of-office work. Entire sections are dedicated to everything from setting up shop and choosing the right tools, to maintaining health and working through new challenges.

Tightrope employees and other professionals will communicate how they handle the day-to-day-challenges (and benefits) or working from home in a series of written and video blog entries called “Remoties”. These Remoties are accessible at the website and on related social media channels. In addition to posting their own experiences, others are invited to share article suggestions and contribute content.

“The overarching goal is to help people thrive in remote work environments,” said Parker. “While there is plenty of upside, there are definitely challenges to work through when not collaborating in a physical space. This blog is for the worker.”

Tightrope Media Systems is the parent company of Carousel Digital Signage and Cablecast Community Media.

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