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Updated: Jun 06, 2023

Hibbing Public Access TV (HPAT) Internet Channel screenshot

While viewing videos on the internet has become almost second nature for many of us, there are still plenty of seniors and others who have not made the content jump beyond cable. Hibbing Public Access TV, a nonprofit organization serving Hibbing, Minn., produced a short video to help its viewers make the transition.

The instructional video lives on the HPAT site below a short list of written directions. In less than a minute, the video shows viewers how to easily watch live programming and review the internet channel’s schedule. Then, it explains how to access on-demand programming, which is designated with a green arrow on the screen, and encourages the use of the search bar and keywords for finding specific shows. Finally, the video shows viewers how to browse HPAT’s other channels using links that appear at the bottom of every page of the internet channel.

How are you helping your cable viewers discover you on the internet? Many community media centers are making the move to OTT in an effort to attract new audiences. But don’t leave your established audience behind! Short instructional videos like the one HPAT produced can help make it easier for less tech-savvy viewers to become part of your online audience.

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