Part II: Does PEG Station GRCTV Prefer Cable, Online, or Over the Air Delivery in Its Mountain Town?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Grassroots TV Channel Screenshot

John Masters on moving content online, “Your station becomes a channel for your community to communicate with people throughout the world.”

The GrassRoots Community Network, a nonprofit that has served Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley since 1972, shares its programming online, on cable, and even over the air. But John Masters, executive director, clearly has a favorite distribution platform.

“Your emphasis should be online,” he said. “It’s measurable – that’s important. It’s the present, it’s the future, and it fits the public access model much better in that it’s free."

Masters expects to attract more online subscribers than cable subscribers in the not-too-distant future – and not just from Roaring Fork Valley. “Your station becomes a channel for your community to communicate with people throughout the world,” he explained, “and that’s very important for nonprofits, who often have a mission that’s bigger than the local community. It’s easier to connect with donors and clients, wherever they may live. It’s good for nonprofits and good for our value.”

One of the first Tightrope clients almost 20 years ago, GrassRoots remains committed to its Carousel and Cablecast product lines. “Cablecast is the backbone of our system, even as we go more and more online,” Masters said. “It’s great for sharing over multiple platforms. We couldn’t do any of this without Tightrope Media Systems.”

Cablecast includes turnkey websites that dynamically update your schedule, live streams and VOD libraries. Plus, robust reporting tools make it easy to keep track of your online VOD viewers. Find out more about multiplatform content delivery from Cablecast here.

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