Four Resources for Keeping Your Community Up to Date on COVID-19 That are Fast and Free

Updated: Apr 16, 2024

Image credits to CDC- COVID19 symptoms

Greetings to our champions of local information. As you work to keep your communities safe and up to date on the recommended COVID-19 precautions, we wanted to share some resources that you can add quickly and easily to your community bulletin board systems and local news coverage. While we know that other automation and bulletin board platforms can also utilize these resources, we are only able to provide detailed implementation guides for our own products. That said, if you do not currently utilize Cablecast CG or Carousel Digital Signage, you can still use the resources below. 


The CDC and World Health Organization have both published a series of pre-made graphics that contain clear and accurate information relating to COVID-19. Our Carousel team put together this handy guide on how to add those to your Carousel or Cablecast CG bulletin board along with links to the files. If you’re not using Carousel or Cablecast CG, just go directly to CDC and WHO graphics. 

Find the CDC image library here and CDC B-Roll footage here. 


The CDC has many RSS feeds available as well that help you save time on hunting for the latest headlines to provide for your viewers. Here is a guide on how to plug those RSS feeds into a dynamic bulletin on Cablecast CG or Carousel Digital Signage. The UIs in Cablecast CG and Carousel are slightly different, but should be intuitive to navigate. Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you need help. 


Subscribe to the WHO media updates email list here

Subscribe to the CDC email update list


Many bulletin boards also allow for Twitter feeds, which are great when an RSS feed isn’t available. Twitter is also a highly accessible outlet that allows individual members of your community to help you report on what’s happening in your local area. Carousel or Cablecast CG allow you to setup Twitter feeds based on hashtags and other customer criteria, rather than just tweets from a single account so you can allow for broader community updates on any given topic. Here is the full guide on configuring dynamic Twitter feeds courtesy of our Carousel Digital Signage team. Other platforms may allow you to set up custom criteria as well, we encourage you to explore those options.

For Cablecast VOD users, and other platforms such as YouTube that provide this functionality, we recommend utilizing the ability to share individual links to specific chapters of long form video on your social media accounts, rather than linking to entire press conferences or news casts. Here is a guide for how to use that feature set in Cablecast.

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