Why Your City Communications Need More Than Just Facebook

Updated: Feb 06, 2023

City image to emphasize using social media to engage, share, and create content for the audience

With the onset of social media, cities and government agencies signed up for Facebook pages. The floodgate of information was opened. However, some cities are just fine posting once or twice a week.

Why does your city need more than a couple of Facebook posts a week? What do people expect from cities now that we have an onslaught of social media platforms?

Quantity and Quality

Facebook and social media platforms will prioritize posts that are new. To be seen, cities need to create engaging content. Cablecast can help you promote your fresh content with a built-in “Share” button on the interface. Never run out of content again!

Interactive Dialogue

Facebook and other social media platforms have created a dialogue between residents and cities. Cities should look at their posts as ways to jump start conversations with the community, and generate engagement. Live programs have the highest engagement rate. Use the Cablecast RTMP service to broadcast live zoom meetings for maximum engagement.

Diversify Platforms

On October 4th, 2021, Facebook went dark for 7 hours. Cities that only used that platform could not communicate with their community. How can you keep communication flowing? Hosting your videos on your own website will protect you. Cablecast REFLECT+ does that for you. REFLECT+ is a content distribution network, your own personal YouTube. When a platform goes dark, you will still have a way to reach your community. People expect to be able to reach their city at all times.

Processing Differently

Everyone has a preferred platform. From Instagram, to reading blogs, to listening to a podcast, each platform brings pros and cons. Only using one platform means there are people not being reached. Devise a way to create long-form content, and contextualize it for multiple platforms. Cablecast’s playback automation will help automate your content distribution so you can reach everyone.

Ready to maximize your reach on social media and engage more residents? Schedule a demo today.

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