Bulletin Board Spotlight: Valley Shore Community Television

Updated: Feb 28, 2023
VSCTV took advantage of free channel design templates for their Cablecast CG bulletin board.

VSCTV didn’t reinvent the wheel with its bulletin board. According to Chris Morgan, public access coordinator, they used one of the free channel designs with included templates, available here, to create a multi-zone information resource. The bulletin board is available online at all times, but is only seen on VSCTV’s channel between shows.

You’ve got some important basics – including time, date, current temperature, and a three-day forecast – plus a large window that shares news and information from the community. There also a small window offers information about VSCTV itself, including ways to watch and hours of operation, while another window provides a program schedule. Cablecast delivers time, date, current temperature, and program schedules with “set and forget” functionality.

How can Cablecast CG Bulletin Board help you spread the news? Find out here.

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