Bulletin Board Spotlight: Fitchburg Access Community Television (FACTv), Fitchburg, WI

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

FACTV Bulletin Board Channel Design

FACTv maintains a dedicated channel for its bulletin board with a rotation of everything from crime prevention tips to local volunteer needs.

FACTv maintains a dedicated channel for its bulletin board, and also runs it on the web and between programming on its government channel. It has a large window with an impressive rotation of content covering a variety of topics, from safety tips to local volunteer needs. A side portrait window offers separate messages, while a constant lower banner shows viewers where they can find FACTv.

Jeremy Crosby, community media services manager for FACTv, said station personnel developed the template and layout, and created most of the graphics when it comes to city information. Much of the content comes from following organizations like NOAA, local and state health organizations, federal government organizations, and fire safety and other public safety entities.

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