Bulletin Board Spotlight: Capital Community Media (CC:Media) Salem, OR

Updated: Jan 10, 2024

Screenshot of Capital Community Media Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board Spotlight: CC:Media, Salem, OR

Capital Community Media (CC:Media) in Salem, OR, shares its Cablecast CG Bulletin Board between shows. Its colorful, multi-zone bulletin board provides time, date, and temperature in the bottom corner (along with the station bug), with a program schedule above it in its own zone. The left corner has a rotating feed featuring headlines from the local Salem Statesman Journal, among other sources. The main zone is dedicated to PSAs, which mostly come from nonprofits.

Jasmine White, CC:Media executive director, said CC:Media had nine special-run bulletins submitted through their website in 2021. The station uses templates and designs their own layouts for PSAs. “If they simply give us their logo, we tend to build it through the template,” she explained. “However, if they send something more specific, we will design it to fit the specific guidelines.”

Find out how Cablecast CG Bulletin Board can help you share important info with your community.

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