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WATCH: Building Financial Security for Your PEG Station

November 23, 2021

It used to be that PEG stations had secure funding from cable company franchise fees. However, times have changed, and now those same stations are scrambling to find additional funding. In a webinar for Cablcast’s PEG Experts Forum, Sue Buske of the Buske Group, a consulting firm serving government and nonprofit media centers since 1987, discusses how stations can build long-term financial security through diverse funding sources.

Buske emphasizes the importance of creating a variety of local content with multi-platform content delivery. “You are not running an access TV station anymore,” she notes. “You need to be providing a community media center.”

As a result, PEG operations need to “re-envision” their organizations to build a plan for improved services and additional income generation. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for creating and diversifying funding sources. Buske reviews five key activities that need to be addressed to achieve long-term sustainability.

Many organizations will lean on production services and equipment/facility rentals for income, but there are also opportunities with grants, service projects, and fundraising campaigns. Some will look to sponsorships, such as program underwriting, but Buske says it’s important to develop policies and workflows to make sure your efforts are worthwhile. Buske also advises organizations build on their strengths and expand their political support.

Beyond Buske’s presentation, the webinar includes an extensive Q&A addressing funding challenges for government, timelines for funding diversity planning, and other topics. Watch the chaptered version of this webinar here.

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