Aurora TV Saves Arts Channel with Cablecast CG Streaming

Updated: Feb 28, 2023
When Classic Arts Showcase transitioned its satellite signal, AuroraTV's Randy Simpson turned to Cablecast CG bulletin board's networking streaming support to bring it back to their viewers.

When Classic Arts Showcase transitioned its satellite signal, AuroraTV turned to its Cablecast CG broadcast bulletin board to save the day

AuroraTV is an award-winning government station operating three channels serving the city of Aurora, CO. One of those channels has been sharing the Classic Arts Showcase 24-hour program service for about 20 years.

“A lot of our older viewers love the arts,” said Randy Simpson, manager of cable and TV services. “It’s been enormously popular.”

In early 2021, Classic Arts Showcase transitioned its satellite signal to a new satellite. Ordinarily, this isn’t a problem for a channel – just reposition your dish and you’re good. Unfortunately, AuroraTV was receiving the feed using a very old C-Band dish with a dead motor. It couldn’t be repositioned without significant repairs (and in the middle of winter, no less).

AuroraTV's old c-band satellite dish
AuroraTV had an old c-band satellite dish that could not be used after Classic Arts Showcase transitioned its signal.

At the time, AuroraTV was considering upgrading its CG from an older Tightrope system. When Simpson learned Cablecast CG offered network streaming support, he realized he could make a full-screen zone and insert the Classic Arts Showcase feed. Plus, the two-channel Cablecast VIO Lite CG Server would support AuroraTV’s full-time bulletin board channel. The new system went live in May.

Simpson had recorded a six-hour programming loop to cover any potential signal gap while AuroraTV repositioned its satellite dish. He had no idea the loop would wind up running for more than two months. “Viewers were getting pretty tired of watching that loop. There were a lot of happy phone calls when live Classic Arts Showcase returned,” Simpson recalled.

Since the switch, Simpson has had no complaints from viewers about the quality of the Class Arts Showcase signal. With the new streaming workflow, the station has plans to permanently retire the satellite dish.

“We have been recognized as one of the best government channels in the country for a city of our size,” Simpson added. “We really operate on a broadcast level, and Cablecast technology is a big part of how we manage our on-air presence and our web presence.”

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