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Post-NAB Roundup & Cablecast User Group

Webinar | Tuesday, April 30 | 3 PM Eastern

This image is a promotional banner for a "CABLECAST USER GROUP" event, featuring "BROADCAST FORUMS & TRAININGS" as its theme. The top of the image has the event's name in bold green letters, with the event details in smaller dark text below. The background displays a cartoon-style cityscape with buildings like a coffee shop, suggesting a community setting. In the foreground, there are three stylized, faceless characters with simple black hair features; one has a mustache, and another wears sunglasses. They have speech bubbles with a green play button icon, implying discussions about video broadcasting. The overall design is modern and engaging, intended for an educational broadcasting event.

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400 S 4th Street · Suite 410 · #92452 · Minneapolis, MN 55415
  • 612-979-9719


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