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Stay up to speed on the latest in broadcast and streaming video automation for community media and municipal cable operations. Cablecast Community Media has a wide variety of step-by-step guides, demos, webinars, and offers to claim, watch or download.

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Demo the Cablecast Closed Caption Editor

Correct mistakes in spelling, timing, and alter the position of closed captions on all distribution platforms directly in your video automation UI with Cablecast Caption Editor.
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WATCH: Connected Communities Summit - IP Streaming for Municipal Meetings

Gain insight, learn best practices, and discover great gear. Our expert panelists explain IP video basics and how IP workflows can expand capacity, lower costs and increase efficiency for your organization's municipal meeting coverage.
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WATCH: Connected Communities Summit: Gov Video Best Practices

Gain insight, learn best practices, and discover great gear for connecting communities with video. Industry experts discuss compliance, policy, process, and give us a look into their toolbox.
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WATCH: PEG Experts Forum - IP Video Basics

In this edition of the PEG Experts workshop series, Tom Pierce (Pierce Productions) discusses IP video workflows.
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WATCH: PEG Experts Workshop - Long Range Wifi

In part 2 of this in-depth workshop on remote video workflows, Steven Rys of Fall River Community Media shows how to use long range wifi and fiber ethernet drops for remote video transport.
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Cablecast 7.5: Get to know Cablecast Smart Asset Manager & Cablecast Cloud Storage

In Cablecast v7.5 SAM automatically backs up, archives, retrieves and deletes media across network and cloud locations with workflow rules. Learn the latest on video automation workflows.
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Network Video Streaming Sources Explained

Video streaming protocols move your video data from wherever you're capturing it to wherever you're playing or recording it. Here's a handy guide to choose the right protocol for your project.
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Title-Safe Template for Cablecast Video On Demand Thumbnails

Create beautiful thumbnails for your VOD content that clear the auto-generated overlays on your Cablecast Public Site (aka Internet Channel in some versions). Watch below to learn how.
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VIDEO: How to grow your city media footprint with minimal effort

Digital civic engagement, but make it video! Tap into the tools broadcasters have been using for years to automate video distribution across websites, streaming apps and cable channels.
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