Pre-Built Channels :

My First Channel


The channel that comes pre-loaded on all Cablecast systems. Need to download a fresh copy again? Grab it here.


for use with bulletin-board cg system

This file is a .csl file for use with the Cablecast CG Bulletin-board. This file allows for you to swap assets out for your own branding, such as the logo and other such files. Some design elements of these premade channels cannot be changed (like some background files, or other colors). If you desire more flexibility in your custom channel, create one from scratch or contact us about Custom Branded Channels.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download your channel of choice directly onto the desktop of your Carousel Server. (This is going to either be your SX, Flex, or VOD server)
  2. Double-click on the Channel_Name.CSL file from the desktop of the Carousel Server.
  3. The Clone Tool will open asking if you want to import the channel into Carousel. Select import.
  4. Once imported, the Clone Tool will close and your channel will be available in the interface.

Want your own custom channel?

Contact our sales department to discuss Custom Branded Channel design services.

Other Channels Available:

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