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Saved Search for Automated Playback Scheduling & Dynamic VOD Playlists

Saved Search for Automated Playback Scheduling & Dynamic VOD Playlists


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Cablecast Automation Software utilizes a Saved Search workflow that dynamically organizes your content. Saved Searches assist in scheduling shows on your cable channel more efficiently and dynamically populate your Video on Demand playlists on websites and streaming apps.

You can also employ Saved Searches to manage which videos are stored in the cloud with your Cablecast REFLECT+ content delivery service or use them in conjunction with the Fills Gaps scheduling feature in Cablecast. This feature automatically fills programming gaps in your playback schedule with short-form videos.

Saved Searches can be constructed around any field within a show record, including event dates, event names, tags, producer names, or series names, to name a few. For instance, if you tag every city council meeting video with "city council" and include the event date in each meeting's show record, you can create a show record for "all city council meetings in 2024." This record will update dynamically for use in your Internet Channel Video on Demand playlists or with Auto Schedule rules for your live channel playback.

Here are some examples of saved searches:

  • "High School Sports Last 30 Days"
  • "Events in the Last 30 Days"
  • "City Council Meetings 2024"
  • "All Municipal Meetings 2024"
  • "PSAs for Program Gaps"
  • "Ad Council Videos"
  • "Local Election Coverage 2024"

There you have it! The Saved Search workflow in Cablecast Automation Software gives you advanced content management and automation for cable channels and online streaming services. This innovative feature not only streamlines the process of content organization and scheduling but also ensures that content is kept up-to-date and relevant. Whether for managing live channel playback or updating Video on Demand playlists, the flexibility, and efficiency of Saved Searches make Cablecast an indispensable tool for modern broadcast and video streaming needs.

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