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Why You Should Chapter Your On Demand Meetings

November 17, 2021

Cablecast has offered live chaptering since 2018. It’s a great feature – we even use it on many of our user training videos – because it makes it easy for your audience to jump directly to topics of interest in your VOD content.

“It’s been without a doubt one of our best marketing tools for the station,” declared Bill Jennings, station manager for Bedford Community Television (BCTV), the PEG station serving Bedford, NH. “Our elected officials love it, but more importantly the public loves it.”

If someone requests access to a particular agenda item from one of the numerous meetings BCTV covers, Jennings can copy the VOD chapter link and email it to them immediately. There’s no need to wait to make a copy of the footage or charge for the recording. “The response has been nothing but great,” he added.

The station has been chaptering content through Cablecast for more than three years using a simple workflow. The production crew marks the approximately start time of each agenda item during the meeting. Once the coverage is completed and transcoded, a member of the BCTV team creates chapter markers, which include descriptions of the agenda items. Jennings said the process is easy and only takes a few minutes. Check out an example of BCTV’s chaptering here.

BCTV has used chapters for more than just government meetings. For example, this year’s Bedford High School graduation was unique because it stretched across three days due to COVID-19 considerations.

Students at the school are assigned to an advisory group in ninth grade, and remain in that group until graduation. The 29 advisory groups in the graduating class were divided among the three days of ceremonies. BCTV created chapters for each advisory group in its coverage of the ceremonies, so families could quickly find their seniors among more than 350 graduates.

From meetings to training videos, from ceremonies to sporting events, Cablecast makes it simple to add chapters during a live production or after a meeting or other event. Learn more about chapters and other Cablecast features here.

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