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Updated: Apr 10, 2024

Cablecast Illustration of YourTown TV - An Internet Channel with a broadcast schedule and attached agenda

Cablecast automation systems have long included what we called a ‘public site'. They are pre-built video portals that host your live stream and video on demand content for web viewers. They update dynamically based on your saved searches in Cablecast and they come with options to customize video metadata and branding. You can also add a description of your channel and share links to a customized footer appearing on every page.

These pages are flexible, customizable, and optimized for search engines, but they are one of the most underused free, out-of-the-box features in Cablecast. So we decided to get rid of some limiting factors. In previous versions of Cablecast, public sites were limited to the number of cable channels you had, but in version 7.5 and later, there is no limit to the number of internet channels you can create. Because of this, we also changed the name from ‘public site’ to ‘internet channel'.

With new internet channels, your organization’s video portals can be as diverse and plentiful as your content. This also means that you can target specific audiences for your video content with dedicated channels. Here are some ways you shake things up with unlimited internet channels:

City Cable Channels:

  • Create a separate channel for each city or meeting series you cover
  • Create a channel just for election coverage and debates

Education Channels:

  • Create a separate channel for each school in your district.  
  • Give Parent Teacher Organizations their own channel

Strengthen Community Partnerships:

  • Do you serve as the media arm of other organizations or departments in your community? Sweeten the package by hosting a channel for them that they can link to on their website.

Boost Community Producers:

  • Do you want to boost producers at your organization that are putting in the time to churn out great shows on the regular? Give them an added boost with a dedicated channel.

So much more!

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