Our top 10 NDI Tools picks for IP-based video workflows

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

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With extensive support from Cablecast and other hardware and software providers, the NDI® protocol from NewTek® is helping PEG stations and other video professionals transition to IP-based workflows.

NewTek has developed a number of applications to expand NDI® functionality. For example, NewTek NDI® Telestrator lets you enhance your sports coverage or weather reports with real-time, on-screen drawings, diagrams, and graphics. NewTek NDI® Telestrator offers a free watermarked demo version, but the full version costs $495 on the NewTek site.

NDI® HX Camera, however, only costs about $20 on Google Play or the App Store, and turns any phone or tablet camera into an NDI®-enabled source on your network. Imagine your crew using their own cell phones or tablets to add more video angles to your PEG meeting, sports, or other live event coverage!

NewTek has also developed NDI® Tools, a collection of free applications to expand and enhance the use of NDI® assets on your network. Not all tools are applicable to your Cablecast workflow, but they illustrate the robustness of the protocol. Currently, Version 4.5 includes:

NDI Access Manager – organize and manage access to your NDI systems and sources.

NDI for Adobe® Creative Cloud® – software plug-in allows real-time Adobe Creative Cloud content playback and preview from any NDI receiving device on the network.

NDI Import I/O for Adobe CC – import media files from NDI sources into Adobe Creative Cloud for editing projects and more.

NDI|HX Driver – allows compatible devices to receive output from video products with the NDI|HX extension, including NewTek’s own NDI PTZ Camera.

NDI Studio Monitor – view/display NDI video sources from across your network, remote control of PTZ cameras and recording, and more from any laptop or workstation.

NDI VLC Plugin – use the VLC Media Player to present video content as an IP source for use in your live production.

NDI Screen Capture – use content from any laptop or workstation on your network, from full-screen displays to multiple windows or programs, as an IP video source.

NDI Screen Capture HX – capture your screen (and synchronized audio from any sound device) for use as an NDI source on the network using your computer’s GPU for customizable, high-quality results.

NDI Test Patterns – choose from a variety of test patterns and audio tones that can be used as reference signals to other NDI devices on your network.

NDI Webcam Input – any NDI source on the network can be used as the video input in place of your webcam, which can be useful when incorporating videoconferencing into your production.

Since it was first demonstrated almost six years ago, NDI® has only grown more robust and gathered more industry support. NDI® Tools offers even more reasons to consider transitioning to an IP-based or hybrid workflow. Learn more about NewTek’s NDI Tools here.

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