Stream Directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch directly from Cablecast with Social Streaming

Updated: Jun 06, 2024

An image showing a high-tech server setup with Cablecast VIO equipment on the left and a laptop screen displaying a city meetings live streaming interface on the right. Overlay text reads 'Social Media Streaming' with icons for YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, indicating the platforms supported for live streaming.

Live Stream to Social Media Directly from Your Playout Automation Software

Complicated livestreaming is so 2023. Coming in Cablecast version 7.8, Cablecast playout automation software will make simulcasting to popular social media platforms easier than ever for PEG stations and community media centers. Now, webcasts of live events from city council chambers, TV studios, or other established locations can be scheduled directly into the channel playout schedule.

The new Social Streaming feature, which was previewed in April at the NAB Show 2024, provides a simple and seamless process for PEG channels to stream live programming directly from their Cablecast playout system, such as a Cablecast VIO OMNI, Cablecast VIO STREAM, or Cablecast LIVE video server. Social Streaming automatically pushes RTMP streams to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other social media platforms.

Simplify Live Streaming & Simulcasting Workflows with Cablecast Control Rooms

The simplified workflow is orchestrated by another new Cablecast feature, Control Rooms, a user interface designed to keep Cablecast users focused on just the production elements required for a particular event. That means there’s no navigating around the servers, encoders, and other assets assigned to various government and school facilities to set up an event at one specific locale. Instead, Control Rooms lets you configure a separate set of devices and outputs that are required for a particular event so there’s no confusion.

That same Control Rooms interface also creates a shortcut for scheduling RTMP streams, so city council meetings or other programs can be streamed directly to an online platform with one click. “So, we can actually create live broadcast events, and start and stop those broadcasts in YouTube, all from your Cablecast Control Room,” said Cablecast Senior Engineer Ray Tiley in a recent webinar.

Full Integration with YouTube Live in the Cablecast Playout Automation User Interface

Social Streaming also provides full integration with YouTube Live. As Tiley explained, Cablecast customers can connect a YouTube account, create a network stream key, and manage the streaming of an event directly in Cablecast. In the Cablecast ecosystem, Control Rooms allows users to create up to three network broadcast destinations per event, so you can livestream to multiple platforms or even multiple YouTube accounts.

When you load an event in Control Rooms, you’ll see an event bar at the top of the screen. Autopilot in Cablecast can handle it from there, but users also maintain full manual control of the event. From the event bar, you have the option to test the event, which can take a little time but ensures there are no connectivity issues. Once testing is complete, you can go live with the press of a button.

At the end of the event, a recording is available for on-demand viewing on YouTube. “From my Control Room, I can operate an entire YouTube event … all without having to leave Cablecast,” Tiley said.

With Social Streaming and Control Rooms in Cablecast Automation software, livestreaming to multiple social media platforms is straightforward, not a struggle. Now it’s easy to schedule and simulcast important local content to your audience’s favorite social media platforms using RTMP streams.

Cablecast 7.8 will be available to Cablecast users in late summer 2024. Contact our team about upgrade eligibility for your system.

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