PODCAST: Modern Media Delivery for Cities

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Cover Artwork for the inaugural GovTech Podcast with an aerial image of a city

Managing a city in the 21st century requires a wide variety of technology, but increasingly one of the most important systems municipalities need to adopt are enterprise systems for cross platform video delivery. For cybersecurity, ADA requirements, civic engagement and beyond, cities are getting off of one-size-fits-all video platforms and adopting video systems that are designed specifically for the unique needs of cities. As these government video solutions become more affordable and user-friendly,  it’s easier than ever for cities to enjoy local hosting, uphold cybersecurity best practices and make content available to residents across multiple websites and video streaming apps.

In this inaugural episode of The GovTech Podcast, hosts AJ Thompson and Michelle Alimoradi discuss their experiences helping cities adopt better media delivery systems in their work at their respective companies.

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