Independent Producers, Are You Using the PEGMedia National Network for Your TV Show Distribution?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

A group of televisions stacked on top of each other to show independent video producers free video content for national distribution at PEGMedia

Concerts. Conversations. Cooking. Culture. PEG channel producers cover the gamut of videos for their communities to watch, but much of that local content could be appealing to a national viewing audience. More than 1,000 community media centers and cable access channels, as well as individual producers, are sharing their videos on the PEGMedia, a video content exchange designed to connect local independent producers to a national audience– and you could be next!

Functioning much like PRX does for radio producers, PEGMedia connects independent television producers with noncommercial TV stations. Founded in 2007, the site was originally developed to facilitate the exchange of video content between independent producers and public, educational, and government access stations in Maine, but the concept quickly expanded to serve local TV stations and content producers across the United States. Cablecast acquired PEGMedia from its founder in 2021 and has since redesigned the site to make it easier to find and upload shows.

Today, PEGMedia is a vibrant, cloud-based video content exchange community that’s also incredibly affordable. Downloads cost about 75 cents for a 30-minute show, and no show costs more than 99 cents! Plus, there is a built-in community forum where local station managers and independent producers can connect. You can use the forum to promote your latest episodes or connect with a nationwide network on industry topics.  

Now, a dollar isn’t exactly a significant pricing barrier, but you can entice other local TV stations to air your programming by eliminating their cost. As a program producer, you can choose to pay the download fee upfront for any local TV station that wants to air your show. That means that for less than the cost of your lunch, you can finance the distribution of your independent production on PEG access channels across the country! What’s more, when you log into your PEGMedia account, you will get a report of how many local stations have downloaded your program and the approximate national household reach of your videos.

You’re already delivering great content to your local audience. Are you ready to leverage a nationwide community media center circuit to expand that audience to viewers in new markets? Create your free PEGMedia account here, and start taking your show distribution to the next level.

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