WATCH: PEG Operators Demo Their Essential Tools for 2020

Updated: Mar 01, 2023

Bedford Community Television Channel Screenshot

In our recent partner presentation with the Alliance for Community Media as a part of their 2020 workshop series, we took the opportunity to highlight a few of our customers who are doing incredible work in their communities. You can check out the full presentation here. 

Though regular community needs assessments were unveiling many innovative new opportunities for PEG access channels turned ‘Community Media Centers’ to engage residents, no survey in 2019 could have predicted the hyper accelerated place-based digital media needs that every community across the U.S. would suddenly have in 2020. While it seems counterintuitive to look at social distancing orders as an unprecedented opportunity for community-connectedness, that was decisively the case for Community Media all over the nation

City officials, emergency management teams, educators and citizens alike were turning to PEG for local news, civic participation, education and wellness content, and as a way to salvage important rites of passage like high school graduations. 

The Cablecast Team takes tremendous pride in the way the PEG industry stepped up, working tirelessly with total commitment, even if the job was covering a 14 hour public meeting. This is why developing the best solutions to support your work continues to be our primary goal.

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