How to Make a Virtual Tour: A Producer’s Guide for Beginners

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

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Cablecast’s inaugural PEG Experts podcast explains how easy it is to explore the Concord River – no paddles required! Billerica Access Television, Inc. (BATV), a PEG station with three channels serving Billerica, MA, recently produced a virtual tour of the waterway and surrounding areas.

Why should you consider creating a virtual tour? Typically, these assets have a long life. Plus, you can build on them later to include new points of interest, and even expand the scope of the original tour by connecting new areas or adding new subject matter.

COVID-19 restrictions forced the cancellation of the area’s annual RiverFest event in 2020. As a result, BATV worked with the Sudbury, Assabet & Concord Wild & Scenic River Stewardship Council to create the virtual tour. The finished product is packed with content that is accessed through a “map” of the area, including an extensive look at the Middlesex Canal Museum and Visitors Center.

Join Cablecast’s Michelle Alimoradi as she talks with Tara Splingaerd, BATV content producer, who shares her thought process for creating her first virtual tour and offers advice to help you get started. Splingaerd also discusses her first experience shooting 360-degree video, as well as her use of production tools that are normally utilized for real estate virtual tours. Plus, the podcast serves as an audio companion to the actual BATV virtual tour, sharing information about the production process as you follow the tour on a computer or mobile device.

While you listen to the podcast, explore the Virtual RiverFest here. Want more like this? Click here to subscribe to this series.

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