How to Embrace OTT Distribution at Your Station with Screenweave Apps

Updated: May 02, 2024

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Cable subscribers may be cutting the cord, but Screenweave Apps for your Cablecast system let you to reach those cord cutters and cord nevers by making your HD content available through OTT media players and mobile devices.

Screenweave already supports apps that allow PEG channels to bring live and VOD content from the Cablecast platform to Apple TV® and Roku®. Now, the platform supports Amazon Fire TV® and Android TV™ devices, and Android™ and iOS® support are right around the corner.

Screenweave’s seamless integration with Cablecast broadcast automation servers and the Cablecast Reflect cloud-based streaming service makes it easy for PEG channels to add OTT content automatically. You can basically “set it and forget it,” because new content added to Cablecast is automatically delivered to the proper categories and collections across all platforms simultaneously.

Screenweave also uses location data to help connect viewers with content from the closest PEG stations. Once the local station is selected, it becomes the default channel whenever Screenweave is launched.  And if you are a Cablecast customer that is already using Cablecast Reflect for your website stream, you can publish to all of the Screenweave OTT and mobile apps for FREE!

Cablecast customers also have the option of working with Cablecast’s creative team to publish OTT and mobile channels that are branded with their name and logo, so their viewers need only search for their specific media center and download their individual app.

Steve Israelsky, President, Cablecast Community Media, said OTT platforms are “crucial conduits” for providing content to viewers, especially as the number of cable subscribers continues to decline. “With the expansion of our Screenweave app family,” he added, “our customers can effortlessly make their content available in intuitive apps on all of the most popular OTT and mobile platforms.”

Cablecast VOD and Cablecast LIVE users can get started with OTT & mobile streaming for free with a Cablecast REFLECT subscription. Find out more here




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