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Updated: Feb 27, 2023

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Part 1: The Basics

What has your video server done for you lately? If you have a Cablecast VIO STREAM, the answer might be “just about everything.” If not, here are just a few reasons you should consider a move to Cablecast’s complete virtual channel solution.

Consolidated workflow

Most of today’s PEG operations are offering more than a simple playback service on a local cable channel. There’s a website, probably with a live feed and on-demand programming. There may even be OTT and mobile distribution to serve viewers who have cut the cord. Cablecast VIO STREAM is a fully automated solution that does it all, including scheduling, from a single 3 RU device.

Wide platform support

VIO STREAM helps your audience find you, with support for Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Google TV, Roku, Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Built-in encoder

Whether you cover meetings and events across multiple municipalities or just one, VIO STREAM includes a built-in encoder to take a variety of streams from multiple sources. That’s one less piece of equipment you have to buy. And there’s also an SDI video input for live playout or record for hybrid workflows.

VOD library hosting

With an expandable 10 TB of storage, VIO STREAM lets you keep control of your content. No hosting fees, no third-party terms and conditions, no losing ownership of your assets.

Built-in Cablecast CG

Everyone needs a bulletin board for posting everything from time and temperature to PSAs and channel schedules. VIO STREAM includes Cablecast CG, which offers a template-rich workflow for easy updates, plus support for crawls, channel bugs, and more.

Are you ready for your video server to do just about everything? Get more info here.

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