Launch OTT and Mobile Apps with End-of-Year Dollars

Updated: Apr 10, 2024

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Use it or lose it. Some PEG channels may have a small cache of cash that will disappear with the end of the calendar year. Don’t let those dollars go to waste. Instead, how about making an investment in your online, OTT and mobile presence?

Cablecast REFLECT CDN helps move your operation to the cloud, but your content stays in your own environment. Our content delivery service works with your Cablecast Live encoder and Cablecast VOD hardware. It delivers your content from the cloud, which avoids potential issues with your station’s bandwidth restrictions. Adaptive bit-rate playback technology means your content runs smoothly to every device.

Who has access to your online content with Cablecast REFLECT? Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can download the free Cablecast app, which automatically lists participating stations based on proximity to the user. The app is also available for OTT services including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Android TV at no additional cost.

“There are already more than 200 stations successfully sharing their live and VOD content via the Cablecast app,” said Steve Israelsky, president of Cablecast Community Media. “I encourage you to download our Cablecast app on any device and see how other PEG stations are growing their audiences. Cablecast REFLECT is an affordable way to make your content accessible to everyone with the reliability of cloud-based content delivery.”

Secure your yearlong subscription to the Reflect VOD and Live Bundle for just $2,200 for up to three channels. Get more info here.


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