Here’s How to See What People Are Watching and When Across All Streaming Devices

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Multi-view screen of audience streaming on devices, a laptop with Cablecast Audience Measurement Dashboard Insights

Every media outlet wants to understand its audience. The new Audience Measurement Dashboard, available with Cablecast software version 7.6 or later, can help PEG stations gain critical insights into the viewing habits of their OTT and online viewers. 

How many people are watching? When do they watch – and for how long? With a robust toolset, the Audience Measurement Dashboard lets you analyze viewership for live streams and VOD. Plus, it collects data from all your streaming platforms. That means any combination of Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android and iOS mobile, your website’s streaming media player, and even the media player embedded on your city’s website. It all counts, so you get a complete picture. 

Data for your viewer insights is collected using the power of Cablecast REFLECT and Cablecast REFLECT+ content delivery services. The original Cablecast REFLECT caches content in the cloud automatically when it’s first requested from your on-prem VOD server, while Cablecast REFLECT+ lets you push your programming into the cloud, even before a viewer requests it. All that traffic is monitored, and the results are shared via the Audience Measurement Dashboard, so you can see what content is drawing the most interest from your viewers.

Another advantage to using this integrated solution in Cablecast is that your content stays in your own ecosystem. Third-party video hosting can burden your operation with rules and conditions that can change without warning and that your content can be removed without your authorization. These companies may even add advertising to your content, and you’ll have no control over the nature of those ads.

Audience Measurement Dashboard Highlights

• Get robust viewer insights, including what programming is being watched the most and peak viewership hours.

• Combine viewer info from across all your streaming endpoints.

• Keep your content in your own environment and away from third-party complications.

Want to learn more? Connect with our team today and schedule a chat to see if your system is eligible for this new feature.

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