HCAM Improves Government Relations with Cablecast

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Screenshot of HCAM Channel-Coverage for Local Government Meeting

Sure, residents appreciate government meeting coverage produced through Cablecast by Holbrook Community Access and Media (HCAM) in Holbrook, MA. But Zack Gorman, HCAM executive director, said the added functionality of its VOD coverage has improved the nonprofit organization’s relationship with local government agencies.

“Our ability to attach agendas and chapter and add more functionality to our government coverage has made a huge impact in our relationship with our local government,” he explained.

In particular, Gorman said elected officials realize the value of HCAM’s coverage. “They know that if they need to go back and look at something or if they missed a meeting, or if they need more information before they go to vote on something,” he said, “they can go back and watch the meeting and find out more information.”

More than just a convenient research tool, though, HCAM’s coverage of local government meetings provides valuable feedback for local officials. “They realize that the work they’re doing is being viewed and being valued more in a way than if they were in a meeting room that nobody sees,” Gorman added.

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