Here's How Cities Can Build Stronger Communities with Digital Signage

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

A group of people embracing each other while looking at a TV screen with a city's public announcements

Digital signage is a powerful communications tool that helps keep your community connected. Within a government setting, effectively informing people on a need-to-know basis stimulates engagement and establishes trust. Digital signage clearly points people on where they need to go, how to apply for services, informs on when deadlines and events are near, and often why municipal policies exist. This breeds credibility and gets everyone on the same page to cooperate for the greater good of the community.

Start with signage in City Hall and branch out from there creating a network effect. A spiderweb of shared information that helps tell a consistent story along with location specific information. Cast a wider net and bridge the gap. Connect people who serve your community along with the people who live in it. From the DMV to police stations, city halls and across libraries, keeping your city connected across all government locations creates a more confident, unified community.

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