Captioning Compendium Part III: Does your city need on-premise captioning hardware?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Image to illustrate on premise captioning hardware

We’ve already discussed the different types of closed captions, as well as the differences between human captioning teams and cloud-based captioning technology. While automatic captioning is built into all VIO and Flex video servers running Cablecast 7.4 or higher, there are other captioning alternatives out there – and one of them works particularly well with Cablecast.

The enCaption automated appliance from ENCO Systems offers online and offline captions in near real-time that can be embedded into SDI video and more. If you purchased an enCaption separately or through Cablecast, you’ll be happy to learn Cablecast 7.4 offers an improved integration experience.

With one click in the show record, you can control your enCaption from your Cablecast. Automatically send content to the enCaption to be captioned, and the system creates a sidecar file of captions that is paired with the content. It’s a seamless way to add captions using your existing ENCO system.

enCaption is an on-premise solution, compared to the cloud-based captioning available through Cablecast. So, why would you deploy an on-prem captioning solution? Even today, there are locations plagued with poor internet connectivity, which can cause problems with real-time captioning when you need to send video to the cloud. Some operations prefer an on-prem solution simply because of data security requirements or because they’ve already invested in the hardware. Whether you choose an on-prem or cloud-based captioning workflow, Cablecast has you covered.

Want more information about sidecar files? Be sure to watch our technical training webinar here.

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